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Recognised Scottish Charity SCO49156
St Ninians Primary School Pictures

The Bruce Trust is about to embark on its biggest challenge so far.
Over the next few weeks the registered charity will hammer out its communal vision for an educational/visitor centre dedicated to the life and times of Scotland's hero king. It's a massive challenge for a small group of unpaid volunteers who have already put together a comprehensive website on the Bruce; created a highly acclaimed re-enactment on the 700th anniversary of the history making murder of the Red Comyn in the Greyfriars Kirk in Dumfries; and will shortly be unveiling a trio of Bruce trails charting his connections with south west Scotland.

But the biggest challenge of all will be raising the funds to create a centre worthy of the memory of the Bruce. To do so the Trust needs help, a great deal of help.

That's where those with a common interest in the Bruce and his massive contribution to the formation of the United Kingdom as we know it today, can come in. We hope to establish a number Friends of the Bruce Trust organisations, hopefully, not just in Dumfries but all around the world. We know from those who have contacted our website that there is a massive interest all over the globe.

The main contribution of the Friends will be helping us raise funds to ensure a centre is up and running although we will welcome any suggestions and help that is offered sincerely. If you would like to become involved please contact the Trust on for more information.

Click icon to Download Application from: Click to Download Friends Application [+]