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Tain... Kildrummy Castle... Orkney Islands... Arbroath Scone... Methven... St Andrews... Stirling... Dunfermline... Bannockburn... Glasgow... Falkirk... Edinburgh... Loudoun Hill... Melrose... Turnberry... Glen Trool... Berwick... Rathlin Island... Dumfries... Burgh-by-Sands...

July - Robert the Bruce was born 11th July, in Turnberry Castle, Carrick.*

March - King Alexander III falls to his death at Kinghorn, Fife.
April - Six Guardians are elected to govern Scotland.
September - An envoy is sent to King Edward I of England.
The Bruce family enters into "The Turnberry Band" asserting their claim to the throne.

November - The Treaty of Salisbury confirms that the "Maid of Norway" should become the new Queen of Scots.

July - The Treaty of Birgham confirms betrothal of the six year old maid to the four year old Prince of Wales.
September - The Maid of Norway died in Orkney on her way to Scotland.*
December - Edward I's queen, Eleanor of Castile, dies.

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May - Anglo-Scottish Parliament at Norham.
June - Edward I, with armed host, arbitrates over Scottish throne as long as Scots swear fealty to him.

November - Court of Claims pronounces in favour of John Balliol, and against Bruce "the Competitor" (Grandfather of the future king) for the Scottish throne. John Balliol crowned at Scone on St Andrew's Day and pays homage to King Edward.*

October King John is summoned to London, accused of contumacy. (wilful disobedience)

July - "Council of Twelve" take power away from King John.
October - Franco-Scottish Treaty. The Auld Alliance between Scotland and France is renewed.

March - The Sack of Berwick. England invades Scotland.
April - Scots are defeated at the Battle of Dunbar. Edward marches through Scotland.
July - John Balliol abdicates.
August - 2,000 freeholders pay homage to Edward on the Ragman Roll.
September - Edward hands government of Scotland over to John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey.

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May - William Wallace kills the Sheriff of Lanark and overcomes the garrison. He and William Douglas attack the English Justiciar at Scone. Robert the Bruce leads a Scots uprising in Carrick.

July - Scots nobles meet an English contingent to negotiate peace at the "Capitulation of Irvine" Andrew Murray leads an uprising in Moray.

September - Wallace joins up with Murray at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. English Army is defeated.*

October - Wallace invades England.

November - Murray dies of Battle wounds. William Lamberton is made Bishop of St Andrews.

February - Wallace is Knighted and appointed Guardian.

July - Edward I crosses the border with armed host. Scots are defeated at The Battle of Falkirk.

September - Wallace resigns the Guardianship. Bruce and Comyn become joint Guardians

July - Edward I sends John Balliol to Cambrai.

August - Bishop Lamberton is made the third Guardian.

September - Wallace is sent on diplomatic mission to France.

November - The Scots take Stirling castle.

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May - Bruce resigns Guardianship. Ingram de Umfraville appointed in his place.

July - Edward I leads a campaign in Galloway.

October - Truce is agreed for seven months.

November - King Phillip of France recommends Wallace to the Pope.

January - John de Soulis becomes sole Guardian.

May - Scots delegation visits the Pope to defend independence.

September - Edward I campaigns in South West to take Bothwell Castle.

February - Bruce submits to Edward I and marries Elizabeth de Burgh.

July - French feudal host defeated at Courtrai.

October - Scots envoys go to France to prevent truce between England and France.

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February - English routed at The Battle of Roslin.

May - England and France agree peace, Scots excluded.

February - John Comyn submits to Edward I.

April - Robert Bruce, father of the future king dies.

June - Secret band between Robert Bruce and Lamberton.

July - Stirling Castle falls.

February - Edward I orders new constitution for Scotland.

August - Wallace captured at Robroyston near Glasgow and subsequently executed in London.*

September - New ordinance for governing Scotland is proclaimed.

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February - Robert the Bruce murders John Comyn at Dumfries.*
March - Bruce is enthroned at Scone by Isobel of Buchan.*

June - The Scots defeated by Earl Pembroke at The Battle of Methven.

August - King Robert is defeated by McDougal of Lorne at The Battle of Dail Righ.

September - The King escapes to Dunaverty then Rathlin. Nigel Bruce captured at Kildrummy and executed. King Robert's wife and Marjorie Bruce are captured at Tain.

February - The King returns to the mainland at Turnberry Castle.

April - The first major victory over the English at Glen Trool.*

May - King Robert succeeds again at The Battle of Loudoun Hill*

July - King Edward I dies at Burgh on Sands.*

December - King Robert falls ill. Skirmish at Slioch.

May - The Battle of Inverurie.

August - King Robert defeats McDougall of Lorne at The Battle of Brander.

October - The King assails Urquhart Castle forcing the Earl of Ross to submit.

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March - King Robert holds his first parliament at St Andrews.

August - The King now controls Scotland north of the Tay.

August - King Edward II invades Scotland for the first time.

August - King Robert retaliates and invades nothern England.

August - The King again raids nothern England.

October - The Treaty of Inverness between Scotland and Norway secures the friendship of these two countries.

January - King Robert captures Perth.

February - The King reconquers the southwest and Dumfries.

May - King Robert takes The Isle of Man.

June - Edward Bruce besieges Stirling Castle and gives its English governor one year's respite.

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February - James Douglas captures Roxburgh Castle.

March - Thomas Randolph captures Edinburgh Castle.

June - The Battle of Bannockburn.*

November - Parliament at Cambuskenneth Abbey.

April - Act of succession makes Edward Bruce heir presumptive.

May - Marjorie Bruce marries Walter Stewart. Edward Bruce invades Ireland.

May - Edward Bruce is created High king of Ireland.

June - Marjorie Bruce dies giving birth to Robert Stewart.

January - King Robert goes to Ireland to fight alongside his brother.

May - The King returns home.

April - The Scots take Berwick upon Tweed.

October - Edward Bruce is killed in Ireland - succession settled on two year old Robert Stewart.

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July - Edward II besieges Berwick upon Tweed.

September - English clergy routed at "The Chapter of Myton"

December - Two year truce is declared.

April - The Declaration of Arbroath is sent to Pope John XXII.*

August - The Soulis conspirators are tried.

August - Edward II's last invasion of Scotland

October - King Robert pursues Edward II into England and defeats the English at The Battle of Old Byland.

August - Andrew Harclay is executed for his "Treaty" with the Scots.

May - Thirteen-year truce declared.

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January - The Pope recognises Robert the Bruce as King.

April - Queen Elizabeth gives birth to a boy, named David.

April - The Treaty of Corbeil between Scotland and France.

July - Succession settled on David Bruce.

January - Edward II deposed by Isabella and Roger Mortimer.

February - Edward II is crowned. Scots attack Norham Castle.

June - The Scots raid County Durham.

August - Douglas and Randolph defeat the English at Stanhope Park. Bruce invades Northumberland.

March - The Treaty of Edinburgh agreed at Holyrood Abbey.*

May - The Treaty is ratified in Northhampton.

July - Marriage of David Bruce to Joan of the Tower.

June - King Robert the Bruce dies at his manor near Cardross. The Pope grants Scotland the anointing of the kings.

March - James Douglas dies in Spain carrying the king's heart to the crusades.

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