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Recognised Scottish Charity SCO49156

Journey back 700 years to the Wars of Independence and see Dumfries and Galloway through the eyes of Scotland's greatest King.

THE summer of 2009 was a key point in the development of the Bruce Trust's objective, raising the profile of Scotland's King Robert the Bruce. It marked the completion of three year's painstaking work drawing together all the places in south west Scotland's Dumfries and Galloway region which have strong connections with Bruce whose family home for centuries was in Annandale, first at Annan and later at Lochmaben.
The result.four fascinating trails centring on Dumfries where the murder of the Red Comyn launched the Wars of Independence which eventually secured freedom and independence for Scotland.
The importance of the trails, in terms of education and tourism, was emphasised with Royal assent when the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, officially declared them open.
Full details of the all the trails and the best way to follow them whether on foot or by car, are available in a special booklet and leaflet widely distributed throughout Dumfries and Galloway The Bruce Trust gratefully thanks the all partners whose help was invaluable creating the trails:

Dalswinton - Important Notice
Access towards  the so-called Comyns Tower  at Dalswinton has been restricted and the Tower itself is rather unsafe.  We hope you might respect this and will keep a distance . You  can still see the Tower and will get an idea of its history sitting at the end of Target Green. Please remember that the real Comyn’s Tower was  where the current Dalswinton House now stands.

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