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Recognised Scottish Charity SCO49156
The Medieval Bruce Heritage Trust's long term aim is an innovative, living history visitor centre in Dumfriesshire dedicated to Scotland's hero king.

Why Dumfries? Simply because Bruce's quest for the throne of Scotland started in the town with the slaying of his cousin, John "The Red" Comyn, Lord of Badenoch.

That single act will provide the centerpiece for the visitor attraction which will give a deep insight into not only Bruce's life story but life in general at the time. We established the Bruce Trail in 2009 to provide a map across Dumfries and Galloway of all the sites connected with Bruce.

Office Bearers

Chairperson: Liz West

Treasurer: Colin Turner

Secretary: Marietta o' Toole

Trustees:Jim Wallace, Brian Harkness, Lizanne Henderson

Website Administrator: Alex Archibald